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Item no.: 11127
Title: Agon: Lost Sword of Toledo
Release:  UK 22-02-2008NORDIC 22-02-2008US 22-02-2008
Platform: PCOnline: No
Genre: AdventureAge: 12
Publisher: Lexicon EntertainmentStorage: The last are not in store
Updated: 01-06-2020EAN: 

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The Lost Sword of Toledo is the second game and 4th episode in the Agon adventure series. It follows the quest of Prof. Samuel Hunt who has just arrived in a picturesque Spanish city where time seems to go slower… Narrow streets from the middle ages silent and calm….. or not?

A young man formally known for his honesty has been caught stealing treasures, bringing with it renewed wounds of past grievances? Family revenge? Black Magic, Lost bet? or Dishonest intrigue? The answer to some of these questions proves to be difficult as the Professor gets entangled in a complex hunt for the Lost Sword of Toledo.

Game Features

  • Authentic surroundings, books and final boardgame.
  • Perfectly integrated story based puzzles.
  • Like life graphical effects.
  • Dialogue oriented storytelling and much much more.
  • A classic and ambitious tale of daring do!!


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