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Item no.: 10514
Title: Alex Carver: Futurebrighter
Platform: PCOnline: TBA
Genre: ActionAge: RP
Publisher: .Heaven XStorage: The last are not in store
Updated: 01-06-2020EAN: 

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Futurebrighter begins when Alex Carver is being transported by a spaceship on a prisoner deck. His destination - the planet with prison facility for space-scumbags, notorious trouble-makers, and murderers. Somewhere on the road, during a peaceful flight the spaceship is attack by unknown enemy. Missle-attacks causes explosion, which damages the majority of the spaceship systems. In effect, the ship begins to fall down from the orbit of the nearby planet. Due to damages done to hibernation capsule system, they begin to deactivate. Some of the capsules burst out, some switch off before the prisoners are given any chance to wake up, which causes their death, and some capsules deactivate in a normal manner, meaning that the prisoners start to awake. And Carver is the lucky one who's being given the third option. He's feeling dizzy and doesn't know what's going on, but his instincts tell him that if he doesn't find the rescue capsule and flee quickly to the surface of nearest planet, he'll certainly lose his life. And it's just only beginning of troubles. Carver is going to get involved in an armed confrontation with the dictator who governs the planet. The dictator executes his power by tyranny and propaganda, while hiding genetic and inter-dimension experiments that take place in secret laboratories.

Game Features

  • huge outdoor and indoor locations, on which action takes place
  • an advanced level design combine with mayhem gameplay: action and tactics will never be the same after Futurebrighter
  • realistic visual effects including lights effects, and graphics
  • technical innovations of the uknown world of Alex Carver like implants, gadgets and stimulators diametrically changing characters' traits and improving gameplay.
  • organized and hard to anticipate enemy troops


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